Vanlandingham & Holmes

In a 25-year long study described in “First Break All the Rules”, the Gallup Organization found that the most important factor for an employee’s job satisfaction was the relationship with his immediate manager. Incredibly, these employee/manager relationships hold more importance than company policies, benefits, and even pay. For this reason, at Vanlandingham & Holmes Consulting, we feel that the promotion of the most excellent leaders is essential to the lasting legacy and further growth of an organization. We approach our promotional exam consulting with a commitment to understand the unique needs of each department, which we accomplish through rigorous on-site interviews and extensive discussion. Each promotional process that we oversee is constructed from scratch with the specific needs and desires of the entire organization in mind. In the end, it is our greatest goal that both those who manage and those who will be managed will be more than satisfied.

"Mountain View Fire Rescue District has worked with Vanlandingham & Holmes numerous times over the last several years. We have found them to be very professional and competent in conducting promotional assessments for our organization. V&H Consulting was very easy to work with and handled everything. The testing content was challenging and appropriate for the positons being assessed. We will definitely consider using V&H Consulting for future promotional testing."-Chief Beebe MVFRD