Vanlandingham & Holmes





Mission Statement
We exist to provide support and guidance for public safety entities in the development of promotional processes, hiring processes, and personnel development for the betterment of public safety.

Vision Statement
We desire to accomplish our mission through rigorous exploration of the unique standards, values, and objectives of the organizations we serve. In doing so, we integrate industry best practices with department requirements and needs; affording all involved equal opportunity for success and advancement.

We believe: Promotions in public safety should be based on ability and job qualifications. Hiring standards should demand excellence. People desire to be successful in their job. Professional development is essential maintaining a great organization.

Business Plan
We have placed this here because we believe that departments, human resource professionals and public safety entities will benefit from knowing what our business plan is for the future of Vanlandingham & Holmes Consulting. Our business model calls us to provide both a high quality product at an affordable cost to the client. We believe that public service is a true sacrifice for the community, and for this reason, it is worth the effort of excellence. Only the best should be hired, and only the best should be promoted. We have the personal experience of knowing and loving work in public service. Our first jobs are as civil servants, not consultants. However, because we believe so strongly in the work we do in public service, we desire to assist other departments in the hiring and promotion of those who, like us, believe that civil service is of the highest order.